"Prayer is not factory manufactured; each holds its own originality and you are the author that shapes the mold"

Annette M. Bradley



     Annette M. Bradley is a minister, public speaker, mentor, and gifted Christian author. Her walk and relationship with the Lord is sincere, passionate, resolute and dedicated. The makings of her first book, The Gift of Prayer lay dormant inside for years before God breathe it into existence. Following the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Ms. Bradley steps into the world of “what is” leaving behind “what was.” The Gift of Prayer is destined to become a beloved classic on the topic of prayer.


     Ms. Bradley’s prior published works are just as inspiring and celebrated. “Prayer, God’s Secret Weapon” was published in the Intercessory Prayer Network Magazine, August 2007. Becky Harmon, the magazine’s editor proclaimed: “The intercessor [Ms. Bradley] we are highlighting this month wrote one of the most powerful articles I have seen in a long time.  I did not want to edit it so we have bumped all the other articles to print it in its entirety.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.” Another article published in Atlanta Bridge Builder Magazine in 2009, “A Taste of Africa,” was also lauded by its editor, Angela Stovall.


     Ms. Bradley loves the Lord. Her Christian philosophy is, "If you can't be real, then be nothing at all.  God is looking for REAL people!"


    A devoted mother of two sons and four energetic grandchildren, Ms. Bradley is originally from Quincy, Florida a small suburb located near Tallahassee.   She currently resides in Stone Mountain, Georgia.   

The Gift of Prayer

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